Jane Baile et les JO de Grenoble

Une visite très intéressante de “Grenoble, les Jeux Olympiques qui ont changé l’Isère”, organisée par Jane Baile, présentée en anglais par Barbara, une Brésilienne.

Quelques informations qui, peut-être, vous donneront envie de découvrir cette exposition au Musée Dauphinois jusqu’au 7 janvier 2019.

Cliquez sur les photos pour les agrandir.


Before going to the exposition at Le Musée Dauphinois, it was very interesting to visit Grenoble in 1967. So many building sites, roadworks. Grenoble was transforming !

Thursday the 8th of March, we met Jane, and Barbara, a Brazilian  woman who presented to us the Olympics Games in the world, and especially in Grenoble in 1968.



We saw Général De Gaulle opening the  Xth Winter Olympics Games in Grenoble the 6th of February, we saw Alain Calmat with the torch lighting the flame.

It was the first time for a mascot, and, strange, the mascot we know isn’t the official one, a dolphin of course, but Shuss.


The first time that pictogrammes indicated the differents sports.

The first time that the Olympics Games were broadcast in color on TV in the world.

Do you remenber Peggy Fleming ? So graceful on the ice ! Do you know why her dress is this color ?

It was captiving as you can see on the photos.

France was the third nation, with Jean-Claude Killy’s three gold medals and those of Annie Famose, Marielle Goitschel …

Thank you Barbara for all the explanations.

Thank you Jane for the organization, well done ! You are great   with the torch:

and with Marielle Goitschel:


Michèle Garlaschelli étudiante du cours d’anglais













We had a good International Women’s Day, hadn’t we ?

If you hadn’t seen yet « Grenoble, les Jeux Olympiques qui ont changé l’Isère » do go ! You’ll certainly learn some new things that you didn’t know before, even if you were living here in Grenoble in 1968.

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