Vous parlez anglais alors….lisez ces Haïkus

In my English classes, students also wrote Haiku during this unusual Spring of 2020.
It’s a great pleasure for me to share these with everyone.

Birds sing, flowers grow
Humans behind the windows
Staring at Nature.

On my balcony
A slight wisteria breeze
Whistles of blackbird

I’m for a long time
Waiting for beautiful spring
Sun shining and green

Warbling of a tit
Tulips, daffodils, primrose
Sun in the garden

Butterflies flutter
Lightly in the shiny sun

Enjoy Springtime
Flowers on trees and on ground
Mountains still white, Wow!

Silent sun chirrup
Dawn is rising bird nesting
In sky spring laughing

The birds are chirping
The leaves on the trees rustling
The magic of spring

Spring will soon be gone.
You Virus son of a gun
Back where you come from

Spring is awakening
But at home we are staying
With virus spreading

A virus we seek
Virus who don’t want to speak
But a hope let’s keep

Are we in breakdown?
Just wait, spring breeze will blowdown
This weighty lockdown!

Nobody outside
We can hear birds singing
With sun in the sky

Purple wisteria
What a delicious perfume
In the empty space

Beautiful Lily
Of the Valley under trees
A fragrant alone

Poètes, inspirés en français aussi:

La nature respire
Tous tranquillement confinés
Merci corona

La ville est calme
Les bourgeons ont explosé
Quelques passant errent

Douceur de printemps
La nuit scintille d’étoiles
Le silence règne

J’aim l’errance
Dans les ruelles désertées
Le bourg m’appartient

L’arbre au mouchoirs
Pleure ses pétales blancs
Les glycines embaument

Just a gust of wind
On the Great Plains Dakota
Bisons Broken Heart

See you very soon
I must work on my English
A good sunny day!

And the day before our first Zoom class, a student wrote:

See you tomorrow
For the Great Zoom adventure
Enormous pleasure!!

Jane Baile, professeur d’anglais et ses élèves

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2 réponses

  1. MICHEL Régine dit :

    Very nice !

  2. ND dit :

    Mon préféré : you virus son of a gun !

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